Surfing El Zonte, El Salvador

Surfing at El Zonte, a right had point break with some pretty fast section, is suitable for all levels of surfer. El Zonte is a small town located on the beach so access is great. Anyone coming to surf in El Salvador MUST try out this magical little surf spot.

If you are planning a trip to El Zonte and looking for accommodation then a great choice is Horizonte Surf. Situated right on the beach with a very chilled out, relaxed atmosphere you are assured of a wonderful stay.

When we visited Horizonte we found the rooms clean and the staff friendly. The food is simple but VERY good and reasonably priced. Guests are pretty chilled out and relaxed. there is not very much to do in El Zonte and, provided you are staying for a relaxing time and surfing then we cannot recommend Horizonte highly enough!

Check out their website here… where you will find all of their contact details and great photos of the resort including surf information!