Surfing In El Salvador

So, you have heard that surfing in El Salvador is one of the best kept secrets in the surfing world! Well surfing along this spectacular coastline of El Salvador is mind blowing! You are going to surf right point breaks, left point breaks, beach breaks… All with easy access (generally) and during main surf season, generally March – November, you can expect some awesome swells! However, year rounds surfing can be found in El Salvador!

Surfing in El Salvador can be split into two distinct regions…. La Libertad or West Coast Surfing El Salvador and The Wild East or East Coast Surfing El Salvador

Surfing on the west coast, La Libertad region, you will find a beautiful, mountainous coastline stretching for around 30 miles, almost 50kms, of incredible beach breaks and point breaks throughout!

With NINE of the best point breaks in the whole of Central America, a mear 30 minutes from San Salvador and the airport you can be surfing in no time after arriving in El Salvador!

Surfin on the East Coast, The Wild East, you will find yourself in a far different area to the West Coast. The East Coast has far fewer surfers than the West Coast of El Salvador, far less crowded waves, but you do need to be a proficient intermediate of better to handle these powerful breaks, some requiring a long paddle or even a boat to get you out there! Also please consider that, as there are fewer tourists there are fewer shops, fewer restaurants and fewer hotels! Ideal for those experienced surfers looking to get away from the crowds!

Surf Locations El Salvador

Surf Locations El Salvador

West Coast Surfing El Salvador

Here are the main surf breaks in El Salvador along the West Coast from La Libertad to Mizata, just about the last break on the La Libertad/West Coast

Surfing Punta Roca , Surfing Conchalio , Surfing La Paz , Surfing La Bocana , Surfing La Bocanita , Surfing El Sunzal , Surfing El Sunzalito , Surfing El Zonte , Surfing El Cocal , Surfing K59 , Surfing K61 , Surfing Mizata

Each break has a uniqueness, a unique flavour all of it’s own and, if one break isn’t performing then you are only minutes away from the next!

East Coast Surfing El Salvador

Here are the main surf breaks in El Salvador along the East Coast from Las Flores to El Toro, just about the last break on the East Coast of El Salvador

Surfing Punta Manga , Surfing El Toro , Surfing La Vaca , Surfing Las Flores

As you can see, there is so much surfing in El Salvador to choose from! You are sure to find YOUR favorite break and return year after year!