Akwamar Sunzal Paragliding Vacation

Paragliders are light, easy to open and it takes a short time to glide, as there is no need to jump from a helicopter or plane. At best, the paraglider wing must resist the thermal currents. Other equipments for this adventure sport are a helmet, a reserve parachute and a variometer to gauge the ascent or descent of the glider.

El Salvador is a great flying destination for world wide paragliding and hang gliding pilots, offering world class flight conditions, especially in the dry season (November-April). One of the advantages of this destination is the proximity of the different flying sites, making it possible to visit various sites within short driving distances.

The dry season is very predictable, normally with north winds in the morning dying off around mid morning and a south sea breeze in the afternoons. Being relatively new in the paragliding world, most pilots who visit us should expect no crowds.

Flight Sites


o El Balsamar - Being right on the coast, this is an excellent soaring option for beginner and intermediate pilots. The 200 meter cliff offers very soft flying conditions and a wide beach to land on. The views of the ocean are simply breathtaking.

o Tamanique - Located about 12 kms. from our coast, this 250 mt. hill offers a very easy launch. The valley below has plenty of landing spots. This spot offers good thermals especially above the town of Tamanique, making it a bit more challenging for beginners if they fly at or near noon. The views of the lava cliffs and the ocean make it very scenic.


o Lake Coatepeque - Works with southwest winds. Having a consistent ridge along the edge, this is one of the best soaring spots in the country. A great place to get a lot of flying time. Both the launch and landing fields are a bit small.


o San Vicente - Located inland near the town of San Vicente about 50 minutes from San Salvador, this region offers two flying spots. Both work with south winds. The valley is one of the regions that get more exposed to the sun in the whole country so expect strong thermal formations around noon.

o San Julian - Located in the west part of El Salvador, this hill offers both soaring and thermal conditions. It has a North orientation making it best to fly in the morning hours. North winds are more unpredictable, use caution when it’s too windy.


o San Ignacio - Being located up in the mountains that border with Honduras, these places offer high launching places with at least 500 or more meters above the landing fields. This place is definitely more for experienced pilots.

o Portezuelo Park - Located on Sierra Ilamatepec, this region offers different launching spots for both the north and south valleys. Expect high launching spots making it ideal for cross country flights. We recommend this region for experienced pilots.

Discover the “off the beaten skies” El Salvador has to offer. Welcome to our tropical paradise!

Group Size 3 - 4 Pilots 5 - 6 Pilots 7 - 8 Pilots 9 - 10 Pilots
$/Person/Night $100.00 $95.00 $90.00 $85.00
7 Night Package $665.00 $632.00 $599.00 $565.00
12 Night Package $1080.00 $1026.00 $972.00 $918.00

Inclusions and amenities:

* Airport greeting and roundtrip group transfers.

* Private vehicle(s) depending on group size

* Double Rooms with private bathrooms.

* Drinking water bottles

* Coffee

* Breakfasts and dinners

* Full-day Paragliding tours with an English/Spanish speaking local pilot and vehicle driver for the group

* Radio/Mobile communication

* First aid kit


AkwaMar Adventure Club - Playa El Sunzal, La Libertad • Portezuelo Park - Cerro Cuyanausul, Sonsonate • Entre Pinos Spa and Resort - San Ignacio, Chalatenango • San Salvador