About Us

Akwamar Sunzal Adventure club is in the hands of Gaby and Julio from Akwaterra Salvadoran born, raised in the USA. The current hotel manager is an experienced hotel manager and host from the UK and welcomes you to Akwamar Sunzal Adventure Club.

Six years ago Gaby and Julio had a vision to take control of this small, intimate resort and offer an ‘alternative’ to the slightly noisy, younger crowds in El Tunco. Their vision to create a peaceful haven, yet have all of the access to El Sunzal, El Tunco, El Zonte and the many hot surf locations located along this coast.

Along with the obvious superb surfing, through Akwaterra, we are also to offer a wide range of activities including Horseback Riding, Kayaking, Hiking and Paragliding. We are also able to offer a wider range of cultural activities and itineraries in El salvador and throughout Central America.

Working alongside some of the best guides, Julio being an experienced guide, surfer and paraglider, we can tailor your stay at Akwamar Sunzal Adventure Club to your exact needs.

Come visit us and see for yourself this little piece of paradise perched on the volcanic cliffs of El Sunzal.